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Exfiltrating data without a network connection

If you have access to a cloud server or a hosted platform which you could only interact with via some web view, but desperately need the data off it, fret not. Even if the system has no way of communicating via the network in or out of that system, you... [Read More]
Tags: NetSec, DataSec

Escaping sudo

First check what your commands and environment limitations are with sudo -l Then check permissions on the files you are allowed to run and on the folders that contain them If you can modify file you already know what to do. If the folder is wide open remove and create... [Read More]
Tags: PrivEsc, HowTo

Stop your folks from using neighbourhood hotspots

If you have overly friendly, or overly open or just plain stupid (looking at you Comcast xfinity) wifi hotspots near you and you want to stop your kids/family/employees from using them, so they always use the WIFI you control, I’ve got a solution for you. [Read More]
Tags: NetSec

Dealing with the Equifax data breach

The best proactive defense against potential credit abuse and identity theft as a result of this data breach is a credit freeze. It’s been proven time and again as the most effective way to stop anyone tampering with your hard earned credit score, opening credit cards or loans in your... [Read More]
Tags: Privacy, DataBreach, CommonSense