Having a process hang around forever

There are many solutions, but they also have some shortcomings:

  • sleep infinity is a top choice, but it is not supported by some libc/musl versions.
  • sleep 100000d is good, but will eventually terminate
  • tail -f /dev/null wakes up each time some process drops something to /dev/null, and uses inotify resources
  • echo 'void main(){ pause(); }' > pause.c; gcc pause.c -o pause; ./pause requires gcc to be installed
  • piping from a halted shell with sh -c 'kill -STOP $$' | program > output will keep going even after the program is terminated

A good alternative that avoids these limitations is waiting on a halted process:

while :; do :; done & kill -STOP $! && wait $!

The single ampersand & will put the while loop in the background. The kill will halt it using it’s process id. wait will wait on it indefinitely.

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