Practical Security

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Securing a cloud host

Enable updates Implement fail2ban to Ban Malicious IP Addresses Linux Malware Detect, also known as maldet Adjust your umask value disable root logins. [Read More]

Reverse engineering EFI Bios

Many computer manufacturers rely on security through obscurity to hide the poorly designed security of their Bios/EFI infrastructure, which really only protects against no one. EFI format makes reversing particularly easy. [Read More]


The best anonymity is when you are mixed in, indistinguishable from the crowd. In other words to be anonymous use services that thousands others use.

Java Security Frameworks

Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) Is a set of APIs that enable services to authenticate and enforce access controls upon users. It implements a Java technology version of the standard Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) framework, and supports user-based authorization. Allows access decisions to be made external to the applications.... [Read More]

How to sniff and dump network traffic

One option: dump to pcap-ng (use -P to dump in the earlier libpcapc) - then convert for chaosreader dumpcap -i wlan0 -w file.cap Pcap-NG (aka NTAR). This format allows for more advanced features than the old libpcap (aka PCAP) format, such as multiple interface types and annotations. [Read More]

Inside a Westel 9100EM Router

Verizon’s FIOS router, based on the Jungo’s OpenRG OS and Westell’s hardware has its telnet interface disabled by default. You can enable it by doing the following easy steps: [Read More]