About me

A little bit of self-doxing

I am what some call a T-shaped person. No, I don’t have one leg and long arms, but I do have both broad knowledge of computer science, business, technical leadership and a deep knowledge of information security.

I also believe in using right tools for the job, which means I know a lot of tools. For example, here are the programming languages I code in:

Here are the ops tools I dabble in

But, as you can guess, my passion is security. Here I’ve done a wide gamut of things, from EFI BIOS cryptography analysis in IDA Pro to App Sec research and exploitation to DevOps and IAM in large-scale Fortune 500 HA/DR enterprise deployments.

Here are some of my side projects in security:

For the right side of brain, I do art, web design and music.

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